5 DIY Home Hacks for Storage & Organization

DIY Home hacks that you need to try!

A home is a place which reflects your personality. Creating a welcoming space needs a combination of artwork and neatness. Cleanliness is very important to amplify your room. Whether your décor is stupendous and topnotch if your home is messy then it will give a shabby look. For that, you have to store and organize your belongings in such a way that it looks great and are pocket-friendly too. You can check few images from Pinterest for reference.

Don’t let your home become a flea market where you are unable to find your misplaced things. Keep your home neat and tidy with these DIY hacks mentioned below.

5 DIY Home Hacks for Storage & Organization

Hanging Tank Tops with Shower Hooks:

Closet is the foremost thing that gets cluttered. Tank tops pile up and when you take out one, another comes in the chorus. If you are looking for a solution to manage them just take out some shower rings.

How to do it?

All you need is a hanger and a few shower rings. Take a hanger put rings in it and arrange your closet. Simple! Now you can buy as many tops you want. This can be used for various small objects like tie, scarf, belts, jewelry, hankies etc.

Mount a Pegboard

To save counter space, pegboard is the best way out. Your office staff, kitchen tools, and craft things everything can be sorted with it. Arrange books and use them as shelves as pegboard allows you to add rods and hooks easily.

How to do it?

Take a pegboard and fix it on the wall with help of screws. Later you can add hooks or rods and keep things on.

Recycling Tin Cans:

Using recreated tins into storage box is quite common. There are endless possibilities to get it done. You can paint, wrap wallpaper, embellished it or leave them as they are.

These cans are usually created as pencil or pen holder for office table. But it can be used for cutlery, toothbrushes or makeup brushes. You can even use them for basement purpose like screws, nuts, hammer etc.

How to do it?

Take a tin, remove the wrap and clean it. Either paint or stick a vibrant paper with the help of glue. To make it interesting include a few pearls and glitters to it.

Flaunt your jewelry to warm up your room:

When you keep necklaces in the box they tangle and mesh up with other necklaces too. It takes a lot of time to detangle and manage them. What if you hang them in your room next to your wardrobe?

Antique jewelry needs care; hence you can hang them in a hanger. It will be assorted and will enhance your space too.

How to do it?

Take a hanger rod available in the market.  Fix it. Now just hang your necklaces on it. You can decorate hanger by adding stickers.

Old Bread Tags for organizing chords

TV, laptop, mobile charger etc. all are plugged into one extension that creates a lot of confusion. However, with advanced technology, many devices are made wireless but there are many such types of equipment that need to be a plugin. Like your TV, laptop, refrigerator, desktop etc.  Use old bread tags to sort it out.

How to do it?

Just add old bread tags on the chords and write the name of the device on it. Easy, just plug out your laptop when it is charged. No confusion from now.


These DIY hacks are for multipurpose. Your creativity and artwork are needed to make it interesting and alluring. They are budgeted and will engage your idle time. Self-crafted things are precious and priceless. No matter how many things you buy from the market but they remain close to our heart.

Do let us know which hack was useful for you? And what you want to hear from us? Have a great day!


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