How to Select a Portable RV Water Softener

For a season RV traveler like me, it is not easy to adapt to different environmental changes whenever we travel. We often come across waters with different levels of dissolved minerals which are responsible for its hardness. Such water can sometimes be inconsumable even when you are thirsty. Do we have a solution to this problem? Yes, use a portable water softener when you’re travelling. You can have soft water on the go. But, how do you make the right choice of water softener for your RV? Stay tuned.

rv water softener

  1. Check for capacity and weight

You are looking for a high capacity but a portable system to go into your recreational vehicle. The capacity of a water softener is measured by the number of grains it can process. Depending on the amount of water that you consume on your trip, you will need the right capacity that will efficiently serve the purpose. A water softener with a low capacity might just fail to serve you as expected.

  1. Size of the unit matters

How big or how small the whole water softener system is will affect your choice. In many cases, we don’t have enough space in the recreational vehicle. As such, we need a small yet very efficient unit as a big unit will occupy all the precious space for carrying other valuables. To know the right size, get to know the space you have in your RV and then do your math as appropriate.

  1. Type of water softener

You will find four different types of water softener systems in the market namely: salt-based, salt-free, electronic, and magnetic water softeners with or without water softener grains. A salt-based water softener is preferred for its effectiveness. However, you may go for a salt-free one if you have health concerns with salt. The other remaining types of water softeners are not recommended for their various downsides.

  1. Available built-in features

Different water softeners have different built-in features. Try to find out if these features are of great interest to you. For example, Some RV water softeners are technologically designed to do an automatic regeneration and refreshing while others require manual operation. The former is more convenient as you will be worry-free knowing that the process will be initiated automatically when there is need.

  1. Maintenance and cost

An easy to maintain water softener is great for your RV. Also, try to keep away from systems that require you to do maintenance more often. You may miss a date that you scheduled for it. Some systems can work for long before the need for maintenance. And if there is a need, the system itself will alert you. This is a cool feature but is likely to cost you a little more. However, frequent maintenance might prove to be more costly in the long run. Therefore, do a tradeoff between these two parameters and get the best system.

  1. Installation process


Different water softener system comes with different installation instructions. Read through them to ensure that you can easily complete this process quite easily without much experience. You don’t need specialized skills in every gadget that you use, do you? SO, ease of installation is another important factor to consider.

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